Discrete Browser   Version 1.0

The ultimate privacy web browser.

Perfect for browsing the web while keeping prying eyes
from seeing your browser's content.  Whether you are
using your laptop in an airport terminal, viewing your
stock portfolio at an internet cafe, or checking out the
latest sport scores at the office, Discrete Browser will
help keep your browsing private.
Translucent browser window
Pewter Software
Discrete Browser allows you to adjust its level of
transparency.  You can have an standard opaque
browser OR you can set Discrete Browser to have a
see-thru effect.  This disguises the look of the
browser and makes the displayed content more
hidden from nosey eyes.  This effect is fully
adjustable to suit your viewing preference.
See screen shot ---->
With Insta-Hide enabled, Discrete Browser instantly disappears from the screen when you
move the mouse cursor off of the browser window.  To return Discrete Browser back to
visibility, simply move the mouse cursor to the proper desktop location.  Perfect for when
someone unexpectedly walks in on you!
System Requirements:

Internet Explorer 4.0 or newer installed.
Windows 2000 or Windows XP; for translucency effect.
Discrete Browser is Shareware.  The download version is
fully functional so you can try it out.  You will get a
reminder every so often to register (purchase) the
software.  After registering the reminder will not appear.
Copyright 2003-12 by Pewter Software
discrete browser screen shot
discrete browser trancparancy
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Here are Discrete Browser's Special Features: